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Bob on the Radio

Bob Biermann is not only a pastor but has been in and around the radio industry since 1971. Starting out as a Top-40 Disc Jockey, he spent the next 9 years on the air, but gradually set his sights on the engineering and management side of the industry. Bob is an experienced Chief Engineer, having served in major markets and new station construction, plus a number of years with a large manufacturer of Broadcast Transmitters.

For a number of years, Bob worked for the broadcast ministry of Toccoa Falls College. At one point the college owned and operated a number of radio stations and a satellite network that reached across the United States.

Even though he worked mostly in engineering, he still kept time to be on the air. Bob said that “Being on the air, especially for a place like Toccoa Falls College, is more than providing entertainment; you have the opportunity to change lives.”

In the early 1990s, Bob felt a powerful calling on his life, one he had known since childhood. While still working for Toccoa Falls, he started his studies for the ordained ministry. He was ordained in January 1996 to the ministry in the Anglican Faith as a Deacon, and in 1997 as a priest.

Preaching the Word

By 1998, Bob left Georgia for Sarasota, Florida. There he took over as the pastor of a struggling mission church, but also worked part-time in radio, both on-air and in engineering. Bob was the host on a local morning show, plus maintained several transmitter facilities for a radio station group in that market.

In 2004, Bob lost his wife of 29 years to cancer and eventually moved away from Florida. For the next 8 years, he worked both in ministry, and even radio, trying to restart his life, and wait for God’s calling for a new direction. For 5 of these past 8 years, Bob stepped away from radio and worked as the media director for an Emergency Management Agency in South Carolina. In that capacity, he learned much about the threats, including natural disasters, manmade and terroristic threats, and disasters, and how to prepare for such events in this ever-changing world.

In 2014 Bob returned to Florida and spent time working for a broadcast ministry based on the East Coast of South Florida. During that time he met and in 2016 married his current wife, Lori Biermann. The two are now “semi-retired” and split their time between South Florida and the mountains of Northeast Georgia.

“YOUR WEEKEND SHOW” is the culmination of a dream Bob had in the mid-1980s when he first realized the world-wide impact of International Shortwave radio. Over the years he has wanted to launch such a program, but the timing was not just right. As the nature of Shortwave has changed in recent decades, a “Magazine” type show, such as “YOUR WEEKEND SHOW,” fills a definite programming void now more than ever.

Bob and Lori Biermann

Bob continues to work in both radio and ministry. In addition, he also serves on the board of directors for The Trinity Graduate School and Seminary. In 2013, as a recognition of his calling and work, Bob was consecrated to the office of Bishop in the Province of the Holy Spirit-Anglican Rite, where he now serves as Presiding Bishop, making for a unique combination indeed. Besides connecting with Bob via the show’s Facebook™ Page, you can also visit his personal Facebook™ page by clicking here.