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This weekend Bob completes a series of programs that can be best as described “The Times of Our Lives.” For the past two weekends the focus has leaned toward the “Baby Boomers” generation. This weekend the program reminds us we all have a special decade that became the formulation of who we become in life. Bob shares some thoughts and music from that period of time that shaped his life.  The radio in the above picture is identical to the one that Bob owned when he was finishing in High School back in the early 1970s. Some of the songs on this program Bob first heard on that radio.   
This program first aired on December 5, 2015. For many of the program’s listeners this will be the first time they have heard this episode.
Next weekend Bob will take on the difficult topic that is on the minds of many people in the United States. The tragic school shooting in Florida has stunned many. People ask “What can we do to stop this?”  The solutions seem to range from stricter gun control to armed guards at schools. But what is really the root cause? Will a political solution solve this? Bob will take an honest look at how we have gotten to this point.  Next weekend’s show originates from Florida. 
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