For five years Bob Biermann has been producing “Your Weekend Show” each week. Started in March of 2015, the program was launched as a weekly “radio magazine” primarily for an International Shortwave Radio audience. Over time, the show moved into a weekly “themed format,” dealing generally with a life issue, shared life experience, memories of times past, and where we can find hope when things are uncertain. Those were the core values of the program, and always will be, however, after five years it is time to take a hard look on the changes in the audience, and better using additional technology.

This weekend Bob launches a new version of “Your Weekend Show-The Magazine.” This program will feature a number of guests that produce podcasts, and some new talent that will be launching a podcast soon. On this weekend Bob welcomes Frank Salvato, the producer of the “Underground USA” podcast. Frank will share his thoughts on the unrest in our nation. On the second half of the program, Bob welcomes back his good friend Bob Parks of Black and Blonde Media, with his take on the politics of the COVID-19, and the impact of our current civil unrest.  

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“Your Weekend Show” is a ministry of Ancient Word Media, which strives to help individuals, churches, ministries, and others in developing Radio Shows and Podcasts, along with helping develop video platforms. Your support will help us in expanding the outreach of “Your Weekend Show,” while also helping others launch their work.