Welcome to the website for “YOUR WEEKEND SHOW” with Bob Biermann. Now entering its fifth year this show is about life, current events, culture, items of interest, the human experience and our changing world at large. Bob brings his years of broadcast experience and over 2 decades of active ministry together to bring you a show that can truly change your life.

The program is heard throughout the world on International Shortwave, and via streaming and download. The purpose of the program is to entertain, inform, educate and perhaps even change your perspective on life. 

While many listen to “Your Weekend Show” online, many are listening around the world on International Shortwave. It is estimated there are over 3-Billion active Shortwave radios in the world today and millions of active radios in North America. in North America, many are not familiar with Shortwave, but it is still a vital and reliable communications link to consider, particularly in a volatile world. Unlike the Internet, Shortwave can penetrate International Borders. To find out more about Shortwave click here.  

Thank you for visiting today, and we hope you enjoy the show and share it with your friends.

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